Man marries roommate who attacked him with an axe, so she can avoid jail time

The assailant was given a suspended jail term of three years after the two got married.

A man decided to bury the hatchet by marrying the woman who almost killed him with an axe. The 67-year-old pensioner was given a suspended sentence after her younger victim married her in order to plead the court not to send her to jail.

Axed to Clean

According to a statement released on Thursday by the Tomsk regional prosecutor's office in Siberia, the woman had been constantly quarrelling with the 38-year-old victim, who is supposedly her roommate. The bone of contention between the two was the latter’s...

unwillingness to keep their flat clean and orderly.

Things escalated in September 2019 after some friends of the victim came over for drinks, the prosecutor said.

Upon arriving home, the woman from Russia approached the victim from behind as he was watching television and...

struck him with an axe multiple times in the head, ribs and neck," according to the statement.

The Good Neighbour

However, when responders arrived at the flat, the victim did not want to implicate his roommate in the attack.

He tried to convince the medics and police who answered the call that he had injured himself from an accidental fall.

Despite his decision not to press charges, the case still went to court. It was during the trial that the man asked the defendant to marry him, to which she agreed. The statement said:

as a spouse, he asked the court not to imprison the defendant.

The woman was found guilty under Article 111 of Russia's criminal code of deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm with the use of a weapon, a crime which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

However, she was given a three-year suspended sentence with a probationary period of three years.

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