Star Hobson murder trial: Accused Brockhill's strange reactions

Star Hobson murder trial continues to call witnesses in court to give their accounts. Brockhill's and Smith's weird reactions were highlighted in the 11th court session.

Wednesday, marked the 11th day of the Star Hobson murder trial. In today’s court session, witnesses were called to give their account of the silent torture of baby Star and the reactions of the accused.

Star's mother Smith and her partner, Brockhill, are charged with causing or allowing her death and murder.

Brockhill absent

The accused, Brockhill was not present during the sessiondue to untimely sickness, prior to the court hearing.

Goddard, Brockhill’s defendant, explained to the court how Brockhill has had major health challenges and difficulty getting access to prescription medication for a prolonged period of time.

The defendant assured that she will closely look into the circumstances of Brockhill's unwillingness to attend; to which the Judge suggested she get all the right medical care immediately.

Justice Lambert says she has ‘no skepticism’ over Brockhill's absence.

‘Please tell me I haven't done it’

The first witness that took the stand was, Joanne Goodman, who was an emergency department nurse at Airedale Hospital.

An unusual behaviour from the young mother, Smith, was observed. Goodman told the Judge:

This one was a bit unusual. Normally family want to hold or touch the deceased, but Smith didn't want to. Sometimes family don't want to. She did stroke Star's hair, touched her head and kissed her face. But didn't want to pick her up and hold her.

Whereas, commenting on the ‘usually composed’ Brockhill’s demeanour, Goodman said:

As soon as she stood up she became quite aggressive, saying what had happened and asking if it was the CPR which caused the death.

On the night when Brockhill found out Star passed away, she hysterically said:

Have I caused her death by doing CPR? I'll give her my blood, I'll give her my heart.
Please tell me I haven't done it!

On further questioning Goodman, she said there was something off with the couple’s reactions, because as soon as Star was declared dead, Brockhill immediately started speaking of funeral arrangements.

Goodman added:

My gut said it wasn't right; I'd never experienced anything like it. People mention funerals but they don't go on about it. I was very upset, I had to gather myself.

On the other hand Smith looked completely lost regarding the reasons why Star passed away. Smith thought it could be a result of applying nail varnish on the infant or lack of immunisations.

The jury was informed that Star was in cardiac arrest when found and while trying to resuscitate the toddler, she regurgitated ‘large amounts’ of brown material.

The case is set to resume the following day, with further prosecution witnesses to be called.

Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star Star Hobson murder trial: Witness admits to seeing multiple bruises on baby Star