Zara Holland returns to the UK following Barbados COVID scandal

Zara Holland has flown straight back to the UK after she was fined over £4000 for breaking coronavirus quarantine in Barbados.

As influencers and celebs have faced heavy criticism for jetting off on holidays during the pandemic, former Love Islander and ex-Miss England Zara Holland has paid a higher price than most. She was fined £4417 in Barbados after she and boyfriend Elliot Love attempted to fly back to the UK after he tested positive for coronavirus.

Zara and Elliot were supposed to remain in isolation whilst they awaited further tests but opted to take a taxi to the airport, where they attempted to get on a flight back to the UK. After being arrested, Zara was forced to isolate at her hotel, whilst Covid-positive Elliot was sent to an isolation centre.

Zara Holland returns to UK

After her court appearance last Wednesday, Zara—who never tested positive for the virus—paid her fine immediately and boarded a flight back to the UK the same night, as confirmed by her lawyer and a family friend. Had she failed to pay the fine, she would have been subject to a nine-month prison sentence in Barbados.

An eyewitness who was on Zara’s flight home said:

She was sitting well away from everyone else and trying to keep a very low profile. To say she looked sheepish is an understatement. We were shocked to see her because we know her boyfriend is still being detained while he battles Covid. I'm amazed she's left him behind.

Elliot Love returns to UK

Elliot has now flown back to rejoin Zara in the UK after testing negative for coronavirus. Although he was the one who actually tested positive for Covid, he received a smaller fine than Zara. His lawyer reportedly argued in his defence that he was a ‘simple guy’ who earns £450 a week.

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