Zac Efron's 'Down to Earth' Trailer Is Finally Out!

After scaring us with a near death experience, Zac Efron's new documentary's trailer is out.

This High School Musical star has left behind the luxury life and has tried to survive and learn more about sustainable living. Along with the wellness expert Darin Olien, Zac travelled the globe (before lockdown), visiting places including France, Puerto Rico, Iceland, London, Costa Rica, Lima, Sardinia, and Iquitos.

The American Baywatch actor had faced a near-death experience while filming his new series Killing Zac Efron... how ironic. He contracted a bacterial infection, typhoid, which is transmitted by contaminated food and water. The infection kills an estimated 216,000 to 600,000 people worldwide each year.

But that's all in the past now, Zac's new show Down To Earth with Zac Efron is set to air on Netflix next month. During his trip, Zac introduces eco-innovations, such as a 'community fat bag'... Interesting.

The actor also samples unconventional food, including insects and 'dung-smoked' delicacies:

We're travelling around the world on find some new perspectives on some very old problems. Food, water and energy are all the main staples for modern life. We're going to see some top eco innovators to see how change is an inside job. "And we're going to be eating really, really well. We need to start rethinking how we consume everything, from our food to our power.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron will drop on Netflix on Friday 10th July - we can't wait to see Zac experiencing the 'unknown'.

Zac Efron: Fans are worried about his health after his latest Instagram post Zac Efron: Fans are worried about his health after his latest Instagram post