You, Gossip Girl, New Girl... These Are Some Of The Most Beautiful Flats From Our Favourite Series'

Who hasn't dreamed of having Blair Waldorf's room and Carrie Bradshaw's huge dressing room? Large and perfectly arranged, the flats from our favourite series are also a good source of inspiration for all interior decoration fans. Here is a brief overview of our TV heroes' most beautiful flats.

Blair Waldorf's penthouse in Gossip Girl

Between the marble columns, the checkered floor, the king-size bed, the vanity unit and the pink bathroom... Blair Waldorf undoubtedly lives in the most beautiful flat on the Upper East Side.

Carrie Bradshaw's flat in Sex and the City

It's no secret that Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate fashion queen. Well, we guess her tastes are just as good when it comes to decorating. It relies on neutral tones that contrast with its duck egg blue walls and chiné rooms full of character.

The New Girl gang's loft

Spacious and cosy, Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston's loft makes us want to chill out on the couch with them. What's our favourite room? Jess' room, no doubt.

Jane and Sutton's flat in The Bold Type

Jane and Sutton's flat is a real girl's flatshare, just the way we like it. Open kitchen, brick walls, lots of pillows... When are we invited for brunch?

Olivia Pope's flat in Scandal

Olivia Pope's flat is as refined as her character. Whether in her living room or in her bedroom, nothing is left up to chance.

Betty Cooper's house in Riverdale

Above all, we want her gorgeous room that's straight out of a fairy tale.

Beck's flat in You

A super cocoon and full of bohemian inspirations, Beck's New York flat is one of our favourites. We'd just add curtains.

Jo and Alex's loft in Grey's Anatomy

The retro atmosphere and the harmonious combination of colours make this loft warm but definitely trendy.

Monica and Rachel's flat in Friends

It is impossible to forget the emblematic loft from the Friends series. With its white sofa, purple walls and vintage decorations... We almost felt like we lived there too.

Serena Van der Woodsen's penthouse in Gossip Girl

Still, on the side of Manhattan's golden youth, the Van der Woodsen family is not to be pitied either in terms of housing. We love the minimalist atmosphere and retro furniture with pop art touches.

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