This Is The Real Reason Marcel Was Axed From Friends

This Is The Real Reason Marcel Was Axed From Friends

Friends, the classic sitcom that made the whole world laugh. Day after day, viewers discovered the daily life and adventures of a group of friends in New York. But one cast member made a pretty abrupt exit from the show early on... and we finally know why!

Joey, Ross and Monica are all characters that have stuck with the audience. But do you remember Marcel? The capuchin was on the show for a few episodes as Ross's faithful companion. But why did he leave the show?

An unmanageable monkey!

Apparently he was unmanageable! "Marcel had a trainer and he had scratches all over his face, he was screaming instructions to the monkey while we were shooting our scenes, and in the end, we said (to production) "There are six of us, we're quite decent, kill the monkey."

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Those are the words of Matthew Perry, aka Chandler, at a press conference! According to him, after the main cast's pleading, production reluctantly decided to part ways with the primate. But rest assured, Marcel's career didn't end...

Check out the video above to see where Marcel ended up!

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