This is what the royal family really thinks about The Crown

The Crown season 4 was released on Netflix this week and arguably shows the Royal Family in the least sympathetic light yet. As the action moves to the 1970s and ’80s, the series is likely to be becoming a more difficult watch for any members of the Royal Family who are watching The Crown.

The latest season of The Crown has been heavily criticised in the press by sources close to the Royal Family who have slammed the inaccuracies in the show as being ‘trolling on a Hollywood budget.’ But do any of the royals watch The Crown and what have they said about the show in the past?

Has the Queen watched The Crown?

Queen Elizabeth II does not give interviews and is very private–so no-one knows for sure if the Queen has watched The Crown. However, some royal sources have claimed that the Queen has watched the drama series with her son Edward and his wife Sophie. Whilst she is said to have ‘really liked it,’ she was also reportedly upset by the depiction of her husband Prince Phillip as an ‘insensitive’ father.

What do Princes William and Harry think of The Crown?

According to series 3 and 4 star Olivia Colman, Prince William has definitely not watched The Crown. Meanwhile, biographer Katie Nicholl claims in her book that Prince Harry and Meghan enjoyed watching earlier seasons of the show. However, Harry himself hasn’t spoken about it so we don’t know for sure.

Which royals have watched The Crown?

The Queen’s granddaughter Princess Eugenie is one of the only royals to have publicly spoken about watching The Crown. Back in May 2017, when only the first season of the show had been released, she said that the ‘couple of episodes’ she had watched made her ‘feel very proud’ and she praised the ‘beautiful’ story, music and filming.

One other member of the Royal Family has publicly admitted to watching The Crown–the Queen’s great-nephew Arthur Chatto. No stranger to causing a stir after posting a topless photo to Instagram last year, Arthur told The Telegraph:

Yes, I have watched it. I guess it’s only an interpretation. So I just kind of remember what they're actually like and don’t let the TV persona mar my judgment of any of them.
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