The stars of this meme are being rumoured for Love Island 2021

After going viral with their photo posing outside All Bar One on a night out in Birmingham, these lads are being tipped for Love Island 2021.

One of the best things about Love Island each year is the quality memes that are produced off the back of the show. So who better to be a contestant on Love Island 2021 than the star of one of 2021’s most iconic memes? At least one of the lads from the Four Lads In Jeans meme has already been tapped to appear on the show

Who are the Four Lads In Jeans?

Not familiar with the Four Lads In Jeans meme? Know Your Meme explains:

Four Lads In Jeans refers to a viral photograph of four British men in tight denim pants standing side-by-side. The image became the subject of memes in 2020 leading into 2021 based on the way the men are dressed, looking like stereotypical British 'lads' on a night out.

After getting over the shock of going viral, the four lads in question—Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney, Jamie Phillips and Alex Lacey—have gone public with a series of interviews, in which they’ve explained the famous photo was taken on a night out in Birmingham 18 months ago. They say they were so drunk they don’t remember what happened on the night.

Four Lads In Jeans for Love Island 2021 contestants?

Meanwhile, their newfound fame has bumped them straight up to the top of the list of rumoured Love Island 2021 contestants. In an interview with The Tab, Alex recently confirmed:

I've had a phone call from Love Island and rejected it, so we are very much in a strong relationship and I wouldn't change that even if the fame and attention gets bigger.

Connor also ruled himself out in an interview with Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast–as he also has a girlfriend. But the only single lad of the group, Kevin (who is the one on the far-left in the viral photo) didn’t rule out making an appearance… So we reckon there’s a pretty good chance we might see him in the villa this summer!

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