'She wasn't that into him': Curtis' friend weighs in on his and Maura's breakup

Maura Higgins released a rather elusive message the other day announcing that she and her Love Island boyfriend, Curtis Pritchard 'couldn't make it work' and that they had decided to part ways. Curtis has yet to comment on the breakup but his friend had no problems weighing in.

The unnamed friend confided in MailOnline, making dropping hints that the breakup was because of Maura. The friend claimed that the Dancing on Ice contestant 'wasn't that into' her boyfriend following their exit from the villa:

‘Throughout the relationship all I’ve ever seen is Curtis gushing about how much he loves Maura. He was genuinely so happy with her. I think the problem may have been on her side and not his,’

The couple got into a rather public row the night of the NTA's. Maura at the time claimed that she felt 'used' when Curtis drunkenly tried to exercise the upper hand:

"He said I only got the NTAs gig because of him. It was actually my management that sorted it. He likes to think that he is the one people are after him not me."

However, Curtis' buddy seems to think that the ballroom dancer is actually on the moral high ground:

‘Maybe she just wanted a way out of the relationship and wasn’t that in to him after leaving the villa. I do feel bad for Curtis because he’s taken the high road and won’t get involved in a slanging match with someone he cared so much for.’

The friend also claimed that 'the truth will find a way out eventually'.

While the ex-couple have yet to give details on their breakup, fans have driven themselves crazy trying to figure out what happened. It has been rumoured that the two had a spat about Maura's friendship with her Dancing on Ice partner, Alexander Demetriou. Demetriou, however, commented that there was nothing going on between the pair.

There have also been claims in the past that Curtis had cheated on Maura with another dancer named amber. The pair were seen leaving a club together on New Years. Curtis, however, denied the rumours.

Fans are still speculating and Maura has added fuel to their fire with a cryptic Instagram post captioned: 'A strong woman never gives up on herself, but she may give up on you.'

While the ex-couple went down a very professional and respectable route with their breakup, they certainly left their fans needing closure.

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