Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor ‘in Talks’ for Own Reality Show
Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor ‘in Talks’ for Own Reality Show
Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor ‘in Talks’ for Own Reality Show
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Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor ‘in talks’ for own reality show

By Lola Bee

It looks like Love Island 2019 stars Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor could be getting their very own reality show.

Even though they didn’t officially get together whilst in the villa, Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor are one of our favourite couples ever to come out of Love Island. And whilst we didn’t get to see them as a couple whilst on the show, it looks like we might be getting a taste of their relationship on our screens soon.

In an interview with The Sun, Maura revealed that she and Chris are discussing plans for their very own reality show with TV production companies. She said:

We’ve had the idea pitched to us already, it’s definitely something we would do. We have so much fun together so it would be a fun job.

When did Maura and Chris get together?

After striking up a friendship in the Love Island villa back in 2019, Maura and Chris seemed to grow closer over the course of 2020. Soon after Maura split from Curtis Pritchard in March, rumours began to fly around that Maura and Chris’ friendship was something more–and Curtis has even accused Maura of cheating, which she flatly denies.

Maura and Chris went public with their relationship in November and Maura says the fact they were friends first has made their relationship stronger. She said:

He’s the male version of me. We’re always goofing around and giggling. We take the mickey out of each other all the time, it’s a lot of fun, and that’s so important in a relationship.

What’s the future for Maura and Chris?

Maura revealed that she sees herself having a family with Chris in the future – although she says she doesn’t want a baby ‘anytime soon’. However, she’s openly admitted that she’s hoping for a proposal from Chris, saying:

Chris better hurry up and give me that engagement ring, because I’m not getting any younger.

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