Love Island's Molly Smith suffers backlash after promoting an 'immunity support' drink on Instagram

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that people are having to find a way to stay fit within the confines of their house. Love Island's star Molly Smith has gone back to her influencer roots, promoting an 'immunity support' drink on social media.

The advertisement has been met with criticism as people claim that this is not the time to be promoting potentially dangerous health supplements.

Love Island'sMolly Smith captioned the post stating that she drinks the juices for one day and eats healthy food the next, leading many concerned.

'...I’m having 5 juices a day with a shot each morning 😋 It’s helping me pack nutrients into my day but keep my calories low!! I’m doing a day of juicing followed by a day of healthy food...'

The post was punctuated with #AD to exclaim the reality tv star was paid for the post but her followers still claim the product is nonsense. One critic commented: "5 juices a day come on love think that’s a lie, stop selling nonsense"

Another commenter made a poignant remark: "I love how some Love Island stars are returning to care work, or working in the NHS during this pandemic, but Molly here is simply telling everyone to starve themselves, and lose weight by only drinking smoothies for a day - what an inspiration!"

And a third: "You can be healthy and eat as you please rather than just juice all day. Such a bad image to promote, have a think will you."

The Love Island star is also a model, an influencer and an avid gym-goer. ITV2

It is understandable though that Smith would want to keep her immune system going after boyfriend, Callum Jones reported having symptoms of the virus.

While Molly may be keeping the money coming in from social media, many Love Island stars such as Dr Alex, have been keeping their heads down at work in an order to help with the current pandemic.

Anna Vakili has recently returned to her job as a pharmacist after she previously stated she had no ambitions to return to the profession. However, her decision has been met with a lot of support.Amber Gill even commented on her post 'My gorgeous girl you are amazing xx.’ and co-star Amy Hart exclaimed 'I am so proud of you xxxxxx'

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