Love Islander removed from villa after lying on application

New US Love Islander Noah Purvis was mysteriously removed from the villa last week just two days after joining the show. A statement from the production company has now shed some light on the reasoning behind Noah's disappearance from screens.

Love Island USA is well and truly underway. The show has been airing in the US now for almost a month, with the first set of Islanders entering the Las Vegas 'villa' on August 24th. There have been plenty of comings and goings since then but one Islander's off-screen booting from the show last week left viewers confused.

Noah Purvis entered the villa on September 17th (US pace, his entrance is yet to air on ITV in the UK which is one week behind the States). He came in alongside fellow hunks Bennett Sipes and Bennie Bivens to shake things up following Casa Amor.

Noah made a pretty big impact in his first two episodes on the show - making a bold move on Moira Tumas and stirring up trouble by informing Cely Vazquez that Johnny Middlebrooks had had a romance with Mercades Schell in Casa Amor.

However, he was nowhere to be seen in Sunday night's episode and viewers soon realised that he had also been removed from the programme website. Whilst no reference to Noah's absence was made onscreen, fans were keen to know where he'd gone.

CBS have since confirmed: 'It has been brought to our attention that cast member Noah Purvis provided false information on his application to Love Island, which violates his contestant agreement. He has been removed from the show.' However they refused to be drawn on speculation that his removal was to do with his alleged prior appearances in gay adult films.

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