Love Island: What secret sex act did Andrew and Coco perform that left Tasha in tears?

After one of Love Island's most explosive recouplings in the history of the show, fans took to social media to show their support for either team Andrew or Tasha.

Considered one of the most shocking recoupling episodes ever, a lot of behind-the-scenes gossip came to light in last night's episode.

'There was a lot of touching, sucking'

Perhaps the most bewildering one is when Coco revealed to many islanders the secret sex act that she and Andrew took part in behind Tasha's back. Coco explained that she did not feel right keeping this to herself in light of the romantic history between Andrew and Tasha.

As a result, she confessed that Andrew sucked on her nipples while they were under the sheets sharing a bed, leaving Tasha in tears as the whole villa found out about their cheeky antics. Coco explained:

There was a lot of touching, sucking, a lot of things were said. He said he wanted to f**k me... after sucking my t**s and saying he wanted to ruin me... sexual talk.

'A sly cheat'

Viewers were left fuming at the hypocrisy from Andrew's part after Tasha was heavily criticised for getting with Billy Brown in Casa Amor. They took to social media to express their anger and have even been asking producers to kick him out of villa as soon as possible.

One social media user said:

It's beautiful guys can show emotions, but Andrew is on a different level. I think he is a sly cheat. He wants public sympathy. Don't fall for it #snake.

While another added:

It's time to vote! UK do your f*****g thing! I want Dami, Jacques and Andrew in the bottom 3 asap! And producers I want a triple elimination! We demand it!

And a third quipped:

Andrew you did have a leg to stand on, but now you don't. You f****d up and are now as bad as Tasha. Can we vote 3 people out? Tasha, Andrew and Jacques?

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