Love Island Olivia And Alex Bowen Reveal Baby Plans
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Love Island Olivia and Alex Bowen reveal baby plans

Love Island Olivia and Alex Bowen reveal baby plans

By Kim Scott

Olivia Buckland and her husband Alex Bowen have delighted Love Island fans by revealing that they are hoping to start a family next year. Olivia and Alex dropped the bombshell on the first episode of Love Island: What Happened Next which aired on Tuesday night.

After this summer’s series of Love Island was cancelled, we’ve all been feeling there’s a bit of a villa-shaped hole in our lives. But this week, ITV2 is treating us to a brand new mini-series–Love Island: What Happened Next–catching up with some of our favourite Islanders from past series.

Tuesday night’s episode saw favourites from series one and two reunited–and there was a real mix of awkwardness and ‘aww’ moments. 2015 winners Jess Hayes and Max Morley–who split just one month after leaving the villa–faced an awkward reunion alongside another former couple from their series Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth.

However, the highlight of the episode for us was catching up with series 2 winners and runners-up Nathan and Cara and Alex and Olivia. With both couples still going strong and happily married, Nathan and Cara recently welcomed their second child together, a little girl named Delilah.

Meanwhile, Alex and Olivia revealed they’re planning to start a family of their own very soon. Towards the end of the episode, Olivia confirmed:

I think now we want to start a family. I think next year we want to start a family, actually. I'm not even on the pill anymore.

Fans were delighted by the news–calling Olivia and Alex ‘couple goals.’

However, Olivia has also recently spoken out about her underactive thyroid, which could have an impact on her fertility, and asked fans to be sensitive. Responding to a fan who had asked her when she would be having a baby, she said:

I really hope that I don't struggle to conceive a child when we do start trying, because comments like this would be such a trigger. I understand no one means harm, but honestly it's not a good thing to say to anyone. X.

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