Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island

Liberty and Jake finally reveal the real reason for their abrupt departure from the show.

Following the announcement that the couple have officially quit the show, as reported exclusively by The Daily Mail, the real reason for their sudden departure has just been revealed.

A chance for others at winning

Just three days before the finale, the couple have decided to part ways romantically after a seven-week fling that initially had viewers thinking they would go all the way.

Last night's cliff-hanger ending showed Liberty calling a group meeting around the infamous fire pit to announce what we can only imagine to be news that the couple is walking out. A close source told MailOnline:

It was a really tough decision for the couple to make, but it felt like the right thing to do. They'd given it their all on camera and wanted to let their friends in other couples have a chance at winning.
Saying goodbye was emotional for all the Islanders, as they've become so close, like family, but it won't be long before they're all reunited.

And added:

It's not 100 per cent over for Jake and Liberty, there are still a lot of feelings involved, so who knows what will happen on the future.

Why did they break up?

Ultimately, Liberty felt that their relationship lacked authenticity which led her to break down in tears and stormed out of the villa after dumping Jake. This realisation came after seeing how happy Faye and Teddy seemed following their final date.

It didn't help their cause either that Jake insensitively joked about having gotten 'the ick' from Liberty—which seems to have been the final straw for the blonde bombshell.

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