Love Island 2021: Jake and Liberty officially quit villa amid explosive meltdown

Reports have confirmed that the couple have officially quit the competition just days ahead of the grand finale.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple have officially quit the villa and decided to end their relationship just days before the grand finale.

Millie in the middle of the drama

In a teaser shown after last night's episode, Liberty is seen ripping off her microphone before completely breaking down in tears. The emotional showdown comes as a result of Jake appearing to call Millie sexy in front of Liberty. While speaking to Liam and Millie, as Liberty sat beside him, Jake explains how undeniably sexy he finds a woman who is also a mother as the four reflected on the baby doll challenge:

From a lad’s point of view, you see Mils with a baby, I know it's a doll but you fancy them more don’t you. It’s sexy. It’s like a yummy mummy. I find it sexy when you have a mum who is very protective.

'The right thing to do'

The Mail reports that the couple will reveal in tonight's episode that they will officially be walking out from the competition after their seven-week romance in the villa. A source told the website:

It was a really tough decision for the couple to make, but it felt like the right thing to do. They'd given it their all on camera and wanted to let their friends in other couples have a chance at winning.

And added:

It's not 100 per cent over for Jake and Liberty, there are still a lot of feelings involved, so who knows what will happen in the future.
Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island Love Island 2021: This is the real reason Jake and Liberty have left Love Island