Jessika Power Teases Love Island UK Appearance
Jessika Power Teases Love Island UK Appearance
Jessika Power Teases Love Island UK Appearance
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Jessika Power teases Love Island UK appearance

Married At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power has revealed that she would ‘100%’ go into the Love Island villa if given the opportunity.

Love Island 2021 has reportedly had more applicants than any series before – and one more might have just been added to the pile for producers’ consideration. Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power has revealed that she would be ‘very open’ to relocating to the UK to appear on Love Island.

She told the Mail Online:

Before I went on Married at First Sight, I used to sit there and say, 'Come on, you're not going to find love on a reality TV show', but then I met Dan. I'm very open to these shows being able to work for your love life and I would be very open to coming over to the UK and doing a show like that.

Who is Jessika Power?

Jessika Power shot to fame on Married At First Sight Australia – a version of the reality show that’s quite different to the one we’ve seen in the UK. She ‘married’ Mick Gould on the 2019 series of the show, before having an affair with fellow contestant Dan Webb. She is now dating rapper Filip Poznanovic.

She’s said of her time on the show:

I really regret the amount of pain I inflicted on Mick and Tamara, the situation could have been handled so differently. I also had no sense of empathy or emotion and had my nose in everyone’s business. It’s really hard watching that Jess back because it’s so clear to me how broken I was inside, as a person to be that way towards others.

Love Island 2021 contestants

Whilst no contestants for Love Island 2021 have been confirmed yet, there have been a number of rumours, ranging from celebrities’ kids to unlikely meme stars. Although Love Island tends to cast non-celebs, they often pick one or two Islanders with some celeb connection so Jessika certainly isn’t out of the running.

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