Jeremy Kyle Show Suspended Indefinitely Following Sudden Death Of Show Guest

Monday morning's episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show was removed from schedules at the last minute following the tragic death of a participant on the show. A statement released by ITV has revealed that the programme will now be suspended indefinitely pending an investigation.

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been airing on ITV since July 2005. Airing at 9.25am every weekday for the past 14 years, it has become a staple of British daytime television. However, the programme and host Jeremy have been heavily criticised over the years for the way guests are treated and used by producers of the show.

In 2007, the judge presiding over the trial of a man who had headbutted his love rival whilst filming for the programme condemned the show's producers for what he described as 'human bear-baiting', saying that 'it should not surprise anyone that these people, some of whom have limited intellects, become aggressive with each other. This type of incident is exactly what the producers want. These self-righteous individuals should be in the dock with you. They pretend there is some kind of virtue in putting out a show like this.'

Whilst the show's team have expressed pride at the success stories of some of their former guests who have gone on to overcome drug, alcohol or weight problems following their appearance on the show and the aftercare put in place by ITV, several guests have slammed the programme over the years, claiming to have been 'stitched up' by the show's producers.

Now, the show's future appears to be in jeopardy as ITV has announced the tragic death of a participant just one week after they filmed their episode of the show. With the programme pulled from ITV's schedule at the last minute, the channel have released a statement which reveals that the show will be subject to an investigation in light of this tragic news.

Take a look at the video above for the full statement from ITV.

Image: ITV

ITV Announce The End Of The Jeremy Kyle Show ITV Announce The End Of The Jeremy Kyle Show