It looks like Biggs Chris and Rebecca Gormley are back together…

They may not have gotten coupled up whilst they were on Love Island together, but Biggs Chris and Rebecca Gormley have been getting closer in the months since leaving the villa. Whilst a drunken night out in which Rebecca ended up in Michael Griffiths’ hotel room seemed to have put an end to their relationship, it now looks like Rebecca and Biggs are back on.

With most of the world currently stuck in lockdown, it’s not exactly the best time for blossoming romance right now. However, for Winter Love Island co-stars Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris it looks like absence really does make the heart grow fonder, as sources close to the couple have revealed that they’re getting closer than ever.

Biggs and Rebecca first met in Casa Amor – but it was far from being a case of love at first sight, as Rebecca coupled up with Jordan Waobikeze instead, and Biggs was dumped from the Island before even making it to the main villa. However, after Rebecca’s relationship with Jordan quickly fizzled out, she met back up with Biggs after leaving the show.

After a cute kebab shop date in March, Rebecca and Biggs seemed to be becoming a full-on couple – but a night out in London left Biggs uncertain of Rebecca’s loyalties as she ended up spending the night in Michael Griffiths’ hotel room – although they all insist that nothing happened between them.

Now, whilst they are self-isolating apart, friends of the Love Island stars have revealed that ‘They're speaking by phone and message every day - so while they're in lockdown apart, they're getting closer again. He even sent her a really sweet card for her birthday telling her not to ever change.

Absence has made the heart grow fonder - when lockdown is over I expect they'll be fully back together.’

Amidst all the other news of reality star break-ups at the moment, it’s good to have some positive relationship news – let’s hope the flame stays alight until the end of lockdown, there’s no denying that these two make a seriously stunning couple!

Love Island: Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris have split up Love Island: Rebecca Gormley and Biggs Chris have split up