Is Maura Moving On With Another Ex-Islander?

She’s been single since her break-up from Curtis Pritchard in March and she’s not been shy about wanting to find a new man… but could Maura Higgins have already met the one? Fans now reckon the guy she’s been looking for has been right under her nose all along – and a new Insta post has sent speculation through the roof…

This week, legendary series 5 Love Islander Maura Higgins hinted that she’d be keen to go back into the villa whenever the next series of Love Island returns. But a lot of her fans reckon that she might have already found a new man – and no, for the last time, it’s NOT Dancing On Ice’s Alexander Demetriou (they’re just good friends, OK!?).

No, fans are now shipping Maura with none other than fellow series 5 Islander Chris Taylor (remember Chris? Funny Chris with the big hair and glasses… came in near the end… you’ll know him when you see him!). Maura and Chris were actually in a brief ‘friendship coupling’ whilst in the villa but now fans reckon it could become something more.

On Thursday, Maura posted a throwback picture of her and Chris looking pretty cosy on a glamorous pre-lockdown night out. In it, the Irish beauty stuns in a bright green dress and smiles at the camera whilst clutching a white Yves Saint-Laurent handbag – and Chris couldn’t look happier to have his arm around her.

One fan commented: ‘These 2 would actually make a great couple I know you were friends couple on love island last year but the chemistry is unreal give it a go maybe’ whilst another wrote ‘I was rooting for yous 2 to get together since love island, your both my 2 fav characters’.

Chris and Maura’s friendship couple didn’t go any further on the show as Chris soon coupled up with Harley Brash and Maura with Curtis Pritchard. But with both of these relationships now long-since finished, could Chris and Maura be looking at each other in a different way now? We have to say, they make an attractive pairing!

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