Heartbreak For Shaughna As Callum Kisses Molly And Invites Her To Bed
Heartbreak For Shaughna As Callum Kisses Molly And Invites Her To Bed
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Heartbreak For Shaughna As Callum Kisses Molly And Invites Her To Bed

It looks like one of Love Island 2020’s seemingly strongest couples are about to be broken apart by the test of Casa Amor – as 23-year-old Callum Jones has had his head turned by new girl Molly Smith. Monday night’s episode saw heavy flirting between the pair and things look set to get even worse for Shaughna tonight…

One of Love Island’s toughest tests has finally arrived for the winter series as Monday night’s episodes saw the boys sneak off to a brand new villa where they were joined by six sexy new single girls. Meanwhile, six new lads entered the main villa with their sights set on stealing the original girls away.

Whilst scaffolder Callum and 25-year-old fire safety officer Shaughna have been in a solid couple since the very first coupling, it looks like his head has been turned already on Day 1 of Casa Amor by Mancunian beauty Molly Smith. Callum clearly couldn’t take his eyes off of the ‘rocket’ in Monday night’s episode.

Admitting to the other boys that he was attracted to Molly, Callum revealed: ‘Every time I look at her, there's a sexual attraction.’

Later in a flirty chat, Callum went as far as inviting Molly to ‘jump into’ his bed with him – on his first night away from Shaughna, who is so far staying loyal despite being grafted by new boy Josh.

Who is Molly Smith?

The blonde beauty has shaken up winter Love Island but just who is Molly Smith? She’s 25 years old and a professional model with over 68,000 Insta followers. Before entering the villa, Molly picked out Luke M as the boy she most had her eye on – although she now seems to have switched to Callum.

In her pre-show interview, Molly revealed that she was open to going after someone else’s man in the villa, saying:

‘I’m the type of person who likes relationships and likes to be with someone. If I like someone I will go for it. It’s early days, his head could still be easily turned.’
By Kim Scott

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