Headspace Guide To Mediation: Netflix's answer to helping you relax

Netflix will be coming out with an eight episode animated series designed to help your frazzled mind relax.

After the hardships we've collectively had to deal with in 2020, not to mention our own individual struggles, it's safe to say we could probably all benefit from a healthy dose of relaxation and meditation.

Well, it appears Netflix has got that covered for us as it will be releasing a new series that will walk us through the fundamentals of meditation, mindfulness and, above all, how to simply calm down.

What can you expect from the new Netflix original?

Made from the people who brought you the popular mindfulness app Headspace, Andy Puddicombe, the uber soothing voice behind the app's meditative practices, will be narrating the series.

Each episode will be 20-minutes long and will provide viewers with tips and tricks on how to achieve a state of meditation and mindfulness that will ultimately improve your well-being. Topics treated will range from how to get a better night's sleep to the art of letting go. As a bonus, each episode includes a guided meditation for viewers to be able to put into practice every lesson.

Netflix's official synopsis reads:

Headspace Guide To Meditation provides a moment of stillness and illustrates that practising meditation is easy and accessible for everyone

Just in time for the new year

The series will be available to stream on the first of January right on time to welcome what is sure to be the year of rebirth for many of us. It's also pretty convenient if case you wanted to start implementing meditation into your pre-existing exercise and or yoga routine.

One thing is for sure, we will definitely be binging this series to rid ourselves of all the stress we went through this year!

Watch the trailer for Headspace Guide to Meditation in the video above.

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