Chris Hughes Wouldn’t ‘Say No’ to Being Next James Bond
Chris Hughes Wouldn’t ‘Say No’ to Being Next James Bond
Chris Hughes Wouldn’t ‘Say No’ to Being Next James Bond
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Chris Hughes wouldn’t ‘say no’ to being next James Bond

By Lola Bee

Former Love Island star Chris Hughes has revealed that he has plans to crack America and will be going to LA this year.

Chris Hughes is set to take on America! The 2017 Love Island star revealed this week that he’s heading to Los Angeles later this year in a bid to launch his career State-side. He’s already got a US manager and hopes to either continue his career as a TV personality or get into acting.

Chris Hughes goes to America

Chris revealed in an interview with The Sun:

I have an American manager so that's one reason why I want to go out to America and do a bit more kind of explore stuff out there. I just love being in front of the camera. I just want to spread my wings, like I'm never happy with enough, do you know what I mean, I always want more.

Chris Hughes for James Bond?

Chris admitted that he doesn’t fancy going into presenting like former TOWIE star Mark Wright but would be keen to launch an acting career. He said:

I'd either want to be me or play someone else, I'd want to act or do my own show. Yeah... I mean if I was approached to do James Bond, you ain't going to say no are you, but listen, be realistic here.

Chris would certainly be an unconventional choice for James Bond—but never say never! He’s got hot competition though, with actor Tom Hardy currently the favourite to replace Daniel Craig as 007 and other big names like Idris Elba, Outlander’s Sam Heughan and Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page also in the running.

Even if Chris Hughes taking on the role of James Bond is probably very unlikely, it would certainly be interesting to see him try his hand at acting. As well as successful presenting and TV personality gigs, Chris has also previously tried his hand at a music career (his song with Kem Cetinay 'Little Bit Leave It' charted at number 15) and writing (his book My Life Story: You Bantering Me was published in 2018).

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