Brad reacts to Lucinda cracking on with Aaron

Dumped Love Islander Brad McLelland has reacted to Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis’ budding romance in the villa.

Brad McLelland had one of the most brutalLove Island dumpings possible last week. Not only were he and Lucinda Strafford voted the least compatible couple by viewers, they were then forced to choose which one of them would leave the villa and which would stay on the show.

In a noble move, OG Islander Brad told Lucinda he was happy to give up his place on the show for her—although he has since admitted that he wishes they’d left the villa together. Now, Lucinda seems to have totally moved on, as she’s shared a kiss with Brad’s fellow OG Islander Aaron Francis.

Brad reacts to Lucinda and Aaron

Speaking on Love Island: The Morning After, Brad said:

She had the opportunity to go with Aaron, she had the opportunity to go with Hugo, and she decided not to. And I’ve seen that obviously because I was in there. But the viewers at home didn’t see that, they’ve only seen me and Lucinda.

Brad return to the villa?

He continued:

Well, if I got put back in that villa, and just basically say, 'Here! Howay, let’s go!' Because I’ve already been in that situation where it was me, Aaron or Hugo and I already came out on top. I’m not normally confident in many situations but in that situation I would be.

Asked whether he still planned to be ready and waiting for Lucinda when she got off the plane back from Majorca, the answer appeared to be yes. Brad didn’t confirm or deny but said:

You know, I’m one of these people that I don’t like unfinished business, do you know what I mean?
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