Bombshell Georgia asks Love Island fans to ‘be nice’ in emotional message

One of Love Island’s latest arrivals, Georgia Townend, wrote an emotional message to her followers before entering the villa.

Last night’s Love Island was a true rollercoaster. While we saw Danny Bibby and AJ Bunker brutally dumped from the villa, three new arrivals showed up almost immediately to take their places—Abigail Rawlings, Tyler Cruickshank and Georgia Townend—who has shared a message asking fans to ‘be nice.’

Georgia Townend’s letter

While her Instagram account is currently being managed by her friends and family whilst she’s in the villa, Georgia took the time to write a message introducing herself to Love Island fans, which her family shared on her grid ahead of her big entrance last night.

In the message, Georgia introduced herself and explained that she had been hoping for 2020 to be the year she found ‘the one’ but due to the pandemic, she ended up spending the year ‘in bed like Charlie’s grandparents. I completed Netflix, tried my hand at knitting and baked more banana bread than you can shake a stick at.’

She continued:

So with multiple lockdowns now under my belt, hours spent contemplating what it really was I wanted out of life, this year I’ve decided to make LOVE somewhat more of a priority, and hand the reigns over to @loveisland. Tonight I’ll be laying it all bare on national TV, with my heart fully on my sleeve.

‘Be nice’

Georgia ended her message with a plea for fans to ‘be nice’ as going on the show is ‘completely out of her comfort zone.’ She’s clearly already won over a lot of fans as the post was flooded with likes and comments—including a sweet message from Georgia’s proud dad. Many fans are rooting for her potential romance with Hugo.

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