Anton Shuts His Airdrie Gym To Focus On Celebrity Life Outside The Villa

Anton Shuts His Airdrie Gym To Focus On Celebrity Life Outside The Villa

Anton Danyluk feels forced to close his gym indefinitely as he struggles to balance the demands of his new life in the spotlight. Check out the video to find out more!

Following eight weeks of being featured on Love Island, the nation’s most-watched reality TV show, the gym owner has been left with no other choice than to close his gym in order to cope with the demands of his newfound fame.

Anton Danyluk, a 24-year-old gym owner from Scotland, is overwhelmed by the attention and no longer has time to run his gym; “I went for a Nandos the other in Glasgow an di couldn’t eat my food. Everybody was coming up to me every time I tried to sit down”.

The Scotsman has also unveiled why he wants to wait before putting a label on his relationship with Belle; “I made it very clear in the villa that I wasn’t going to make someone my official girlfriend on a TV show because I’m a total realist.”

Furthermore, Anton has admitted that who won’t be making moves on Belle even if he was to stay in house; “Even if Tamer allowed me to sleep in the same bed as Belle, I wouldn’t under his roof. I’ll definitely be sleeping somewhere else.”

Anton Danyluk and (soon-to-be) girlfriend, Belle Hassan, have already got a date lined up to test their strength as a couple in the real world, but for the moment, Anton has clarified that he is “only interested in Belle”.

Check out the video to find out more!

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