These are the best free services you can get while flying

When you take a plane, prices for onboard services tend to be sky-high. But did you know that there are certain things that you can get totally free? Watch our video to learn what some of the free services are.

There are several things you can get as a freebie on your flight. Firstly, if you ask very nicely, the pilot may well let you visit the cockpit of the plane after landing.

It's always nicer to be sat next to a companion whilst travelling. It's normally fine to ask the cabin crew if you can switch seats, although you'll usually have to wait until all passengers are on board first, and sometimes even until after take-off.

The cabin crew will be able to provide you with cleaning wipes if you need them. Planes are often full of germs, so it's a good idea to ask for these to wipe over your armrests and table.

Just like in the movies, the cabin crew will be able to help you find a doctor on board if you need one. In return, doctors can receive benefits from airlines.

Now, check out the video above for five more freebies you can get whilst you travel by air!

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