She Gave Up This One Beverage And Her Transformation Shocked Everyone

She Gave Up This One Beverage And Her Transformation Shocked Everyone

Karlye Thurlow, an Australian woman, suffered from severe obesity. She weighed almost 19 stone and cut her weight in half after she stopped drinking Coca-Cola.

Karyle is a mother of two and used to weigh roughly 19 stone. After making one simple change to her diet, she began to see the rewards.

After drinking vast amounts of Coca Cola all her life, Karyle's diet was far from healthy. On an average day, she would drink around four litres.

To put that into perspective that's 12 cans a day! Deciding it was time for a change, Karyle decided to wipe it out of her life indefinitely. Within the first three months, she began to notice an incredible difference.

In the first three months of not going near a single can of Coca Cola, Karyle lost three stone! As a result of her rapid weight loss, her determination to stay fit and healthy intensified.

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Karyle started to follow a strict fitness routine and went to the gym daily and after nine months she lost nearly half her weight. She is now a personal trainer who is full of determination to inspire the others.

Such an incredible transformation and through something so simple! What an amazing woman!

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