This Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Little Packets Of Silica Gel

Those little bags can actually be extremely useful for several reasons.

What is silica gel?

You often find them in your new bags, your new shoes or in all sorts of packaging… These little packets contain small silica beads, which helps protect the item from moisture.

Drying your phone out in case of an accident

You can dry out your phone in silica gel if it’s been in contact with water. To do this, you need to remove the case, the battery, the sim card and the memory card. Then place it all in an airtight box with a bag of silica gel and as a result, all the water will be absorbed.

Defogging your windshield

Put a few of the little packets on the dashboard in your car and they will absorb the fog.

Preserving your razor blades

As your razors are constantly in contact with water, they often have difficulty drying and they will rust easily. To overcome this problem, place your razor blade on a few bags of silica.

Keeping your gym bag clean

The silica gel packets will also help you look after your sports bag, where unpleasant odours are often absorbed. Simply put a packet of silica in your bag and you’re done!

Looking after your photos

You can also preserve your photos by simply placing a small bag in your photo box, which going to protect them from mould.

So: don’t throw out these little packets, as they can be super useful!

Why you should never throw away silica gel packets Why you should never throw away silica gel packets