These Are The Most Common Mistakes We All Make With Our Washing Machines

We have to admit it, the washing machine makes all our lives much easier, but do we really use it properly? Here are a few mistakes to avoid when taking care of your machine. Take note!

Not cleaning your machine

Mistake number one is not taking care of your washing machine. We often forget that this machine, which is a life-saver, also needs a little cleaning. It is recommended to wash it once a month with a little white vinegar to disinfect it, baking soda to scrub it, and soapy water to clean it.

Never leaving the door open

Do you tend to close the door as soon as you have finished emptying your machine? That's a mistake! Leave it open for a few minutes after each wash to prevent moisture from settling in and allowing bacteria and mould to grow.

Not emptying the pockets on the clothes

Limit the damage and empty the pockets of your clothes; tissues can form marks and stains on clothes. Also, it is better to close the zippers on the trousers; when washing, these metal accessories can damage other clothes and be damaged.

Not removing stains before washing

Not everything goes in the washing machine on the first try. What's more, with the heat of the wash, marks tend to become embedded in the fabric. So, to be sure to save a garment that has a tomato sauce, grass or red wine stain, it is recommended to apply a stain remover to the area before putting the garment in the washing machine. Got it?

Overloading the machine

The more you load your washing machine, the less the items will be cleaned, and the less everything will smell clean. It is therefore advisable to put less clothes in the drum.

Unfastening buttons and zippers

If you leave your trouser zippers open, they can damage other clothing by catching on them. The same goes for buttons, if you leave them open, jeans will lose their original shape more easily.

Using too much detergent

We often tend to go overboard when it comes to laundry. There's no point in pouring too much detergent in. Why is that? It won't dissolve well, and will clog up your washing machine. Which can then be a big problem.

Washing undergarments with everything else

Finally, it is best to wash your undergarments separately from the rest of the laundry. Do you really want the dirt from the tube to be in contact with your pants? It's better to separate the underwear from everything else.

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