The Top 5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Selfie This Summer

In the era of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, it has never been so important to get those holiday photos looking just right. How do you take the best beach pics to make everyone who is still stuck at work jealous?

With these five simple tips you'll have everything you need to get that perfect snap.

1. Arch your back: The pose you choose for your photograph is so important. According to selfie queen Emily Ratajkowski, arching your back is the key: 'Whether I'm standing up straight, in profile or lying on my stomach, I lift my butt a little bit to give a nice curve to my back.'

Another little tip from the model - don't forget to 'contract your stomach muscles.'

2. Due south, always due south: If you really want to make everyone at home jealous, don't forget to show how sunny it is where you are. So opt for a Southern exposure. A shot facing the sun will also help hide any blemishes or imperfections thanks to the light.

3. Be daring with a backlit shot: A backlit shot might be a little risky but it can have great results. If you've been eating a bit too much gelato the shadow will hide any imperfections to your figure. Try out a shot facing the sea, with a faraway, lost in the ocean look.

4. Selfies are so last year: At a time when there are more deaths per year caused by people taking photos of themselves than by shark attacks, the selfie is starting to go out of fashion. Get someone to help you out with your photos. This will allow you to get a wider shot of your surroundings, so you can show everyone that you're in the place to be!

5. Live in the moment: If you can't take any more photos because you've run out of battery playing Pokemon Go, it's no big deal. Relax, enjoy your trip and save the moments to your memory, not your phone's. Don't forget, this is your holiday, it's for you not your Snapchat story.

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