This Very Daring Bikini Trend Is Coming Back Again...

This Very Daring Bikini Trend Is Coming Back Again...

A new bikini has become all the rage on social media recently. It’s known as the Underboob Bikini. But this trend, which took the world by storm last summer, calls into question what woman would actually dare wear this type of bikini in ‘real life’…

What happens very often with fashion trends is that what looks good on a model or an Instagram celeb doesn’t always look good when you try it out in real life.

‘Underboob Bikini’: the trend that’s coming back

The name of this new trend actually says a lot about it. Only the upper part of the breasts is covered, in such a way that the underboob is more obvious and highlighted.

But why? To give a sexy touch to a swimsuit that you’ll be wearing daily during the summer months. If you want to see photos of how to wear this type of bikini, check out the video above.

But you should probably know that you need a lot of courage to be able to wear this type of bikini, since part of your breasts will be on show.

Sexy, but can you swim in it?

It’s nice to see that this ‘underboob bikini’ trend has been becoming more popular for a while, but the question remains about whether it is suitable for daily use. Jumping off a diving board from three metres up as well as afternoons at the local pool can definitely be ruled out…

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It’s also clear that wearing this bikini could be unpleasant. The top of the swimsuit that shows a bit too much, the tan lines across the middle of the breasts… Not exactly classy!

Ultimately, although this trendy piece is definitely nice to look at, do you really fancy wearing it?

Check out the video above to see some examples of this look to help you decide for yourself!

Anna Wilkins
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