This Is The Real Reason Babies Born In September Are 'More Intelligent' Than The Rest

Did you know that children born in September are likely to be more intelligent than others? Here’s the explanation.

Far from being a crazy statement, this surprising observation has been confirmed by three large American universities that published the results of their research in 2017 in the National Bureau of Economic Research journal.

After examining the cases of 1.2 million school children aged between 6 and 15, exclusively students in Florida, researchers concluded that the children born in September performed better at school.

In the opinion of these scientists that carried out their research on ‘School leaving age and cognitive development’, these children actually started their school experience at the ideal age and even had superior learning abilities than the others.

If we are to believe the results of this study, the average student born in September performs better in school than their classmates and are more likely to go on to higher education.

Since children born in September are among the oldest children when they start school, this also makes them natural leaders and they tend to have more self-confidence.

However, babies born in August could, according to the same researchers, perform worse in school. In addition, children born in September could also be less likely to be arrested for juvenile delinquency.

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In other words, your best bet is to try and conceive a baby in December if you're aiming for highly intelligent offspring.

Anna Wilkins
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