Grandparents are bad for children's health, study says

Do you sometimes entrust your children to their grandparents to watch over them? According to an educational study, this is not good for them.

Bad news for grandparents! According to an educational science study, children who are cared for by their grandparents run health risks.

Disturbing study results

Can it be harmful to children's health to be looked after by their grandparents? At least that's what an educational study from the University of Glasgow now claims.

Health scientists looked at the eating habits of 18 different countries and discovered that grandparents pass on extremely bad eating habits to their grandchildren, increasing their risk of cancer.

'Of course, this bad influence is unintentional,' adds Dr Stephanie Chambers, the study's leader. But it is particularly important in early childhood that children eat healthily and how they are fed. This is because grandparents tend to reward more with food than, for example, playing and reading aloud.

Grandparents like to reward with food. SDI Productions@Getty Images

Very bad habits

Too many sweets, not enough exercise, passive smoking - these are all factors that have a bad effect on the health of their grandchildren... It seems that grandparents do a lot of things wrong and do whatever comes to mind and suits them. Thus, even for grandparents, things that used to be considered harmless back in their youths are no longer possible today.

Nevertheless, the study has a big catch. At no point is it mentioned what positive effects the presence of grandparents has on the development of their grandchildren.

Bad habits aside, let's not forget that the emotional bonds that are forged between generations are indispensable for children.

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