According To A Study, We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives

The feeling of love is a unique sensation that is sometimes difficult to control. Psychology explains that in one lifetime, we fall in love at least three times in three different ways. Here’s the explanation.

According To A Study, We Fall In Love Three Times In Our Lives
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Love is a powerful feeling and we evolve alongside it in our lives. This study does not say that the human being only falls in love three times in their life, as each individual is different and we do not control love.

However, we fall in love in three different ways in a lifetime, according to our experiences and our maturity. These three stages of love can be experienced with the same partner, as well as with different ones. Here they are:

Idealistic love

It’s the first one. The one we remember. It’s the one that happens when we’re at school or university. It’s idealistic because we don’t have a personal comparison to attach to it and we are full of ideals about Love with a capital L, the love we imagine takes place in books, films, and love stories of grown-ups…

Necessary love

Once we have experienced idealistic love and we have been confronted with its harsh reality, love out of necessity intervenes. It’s the second stage where love becomes essential, and it’s generally triggered following a breakup. We don’t take the time to concentrate on ourselves, and we launch headfirst into the search for new love.

Unexpected love

This is the one that really springs up on you. It’s the third stage of the different ways of falling in love that we will experience in a lifetime. Having learnt from your experiences and your own lessons, you will truly be ready to be involved with someone else. Collaboration, sincerity and mutual understanding develop naturally.

So, what stage are you at?