Woman's Fiance Leaves Her After Her Dramatic 90kg Weight Loss

Mallory Buettner lost nearly 15 stone after having a gastric bypass but her partner wasn't pleased.

Mallory couldn’t look at herself in the mirror without being ashamed of her body, especially when she pictured herself in a wedding dress. So she decided to make some changes! At 29, Mallory Buettner is now a new woman. Yet this Canadian was forced to sacrifice herlove life to own her current physique.

Suffering from obesity since childhood, Mallory Buettner decided shortly before her wedding to begin an operation to lose weight.

Two months before the wedding, she went into the hospital for a gastric bypass. A courageous decision that wasn't enthusiastically received by her future husband. Worried to see his wife change and no longer love him, and instead of supporting his future wife into doing the right for her health physically and mentally, he did the worse thing a groom could do! He chose to cancel the wedding and separate from her.

This attitude puzzled Mallory but did not push her to give up her operation. Since her operation in May 2014, the young woman has lost nearly 14 stone and now weighs 13 stone.In a statement to the Daily Mail:

I needed an operation, it was the simplest solution. We have not talked to each other since separation, it was the most difficult decision of my life, but I chose to be happy.
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