This woman is 9 months pregnant and runs at shocking speeds

This athlete who is nine months pregnant went viral because of this video of her running track at an incredible speed.

1 mile in 5 minutes and 25 seconds

When you are 9 months pregnant, there are several places where you can find yourself. Usually, this does not include an athletic track. This American woman pushes the limits of the human body as she can be seen in her husband’s video training on the track despite her large belly.

While it is not uncommon for women to continue exercising during their pregnancy, it is on the other hand uncommon for women to train at this level just a few weeks away from giving birth. At the age of 28, Makenna Myler was able to set an impressive time on the track, even though she is expected to give birth in the coming weeks.

Not far from the world record

The American started at a relatively impressive pace on the track, a little bit less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds per kilometre. To give you a better idea of this feat, if you would maintain this pace over a 10-kilometre course, you would pass the 35-minute mark without any problems, which would make you an impressive runner, pregnant or not. The world record for a 10k run is currently held by Almaz Ayana from Ethiopia with 29:17.45 minutes. We have no words...

Only runners who train regularly can maintain this kind of pace, so of course, when a woman who is 9 months pregnant does it, it is an impressive feat, to say the least. Her run was filmed and posted on TikTok by her partner, which can be seen above. Hard to find an excuse not to go running now!

This woman 'got pregnant whilst being pregnant' This woman 'got pregnant whilst being pregnant'