Woman's dream wedding comes true thanks to her dead grandfather

The bride's sister found a solution to enable her grandfather to still be present at her wedding, even after his passing...

On her wedding day, Brittany couldn't hold back her tears when she heard the voice of her grandfather,who had passed away. On July 22nd, 2019, Brittany Yost married the love of her life, Jordon, in West Virginia.

The young woman had always dreamed that her grandfather, Reverend Ronald Adkins, would officiate her wedding ceremony. However, Reverend Adkins had passed away.

Sister to the rescue!

To remedy Brittany's sadness and make her grandfather somehow present at the wedding, her sister had a brilliant idea. Reverend Adkins had officiated the ceremony of Brittany's sister in 2015. The latter took the audio recording so that her grandfather could say a few words at Brittany's wedding.

Hearing the voice of the Reverend when pronouncing Jordon and Brittany 'husband and wife,' she couldn't hold back her tears.

An emotional moment

In the company of her husband Jordon, Brittany experienced an incredible moment of emotion, and her grandfather was able to attend her wedding in a very beautiful way. Brittany stated:

It took me by complete surprise. It was amazing. It was a moment I'll cherish forever. Right before we walked down the aisle my dad looked at me and said, "Your grandpa would be so proud of you." It filled my heart with joy.
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