This woman claims you could have 'fried an egg on her face' after consuming this one common drink

Maria Marzaioli started experiencing her worst nightmare when she drank wheat beer during her holidays in Italy.

María was diagnosed with eczema when she was little, but it was never a big problem until her fateful trip to Italy. From the age of 21, she's used special topical creams with corticosteroids.

In 2015, she had a very strong skin reaction. She was travelling in Tuscany when, one day, she woke up with her face and eyes very swollen and irritated. She remembered that the previous night, she had had a wheat beer and immediately deduced that the drink had been responsible.

Never before had she had such severe skin irritation, although, on other occasions, beer had provoked reactions. She tried several creams, but none of them could relieve her. Only the cortisol she bought on the fifth day soothed her skin problems.

When she returned to the UK, doctors prescribed steroid creams but her skin got used to them and only got worse. Dry welts appeared on her back, neck, chest and hands. She explained to the newspaper The Sun that the itching was so severe that she had to sleep with cotton gloves on to avoid scratching herself because she sometimes woke up to bloodstains on her sheets.

His skinwas suffering from adverse reactions to cortisone. So much so that in March 2016, she decided to drop the steroid creams once and for all.

María has continued to suffer from skin reactions but does not want to resort to creams. She has chosen to watch her diet and has eliminated wheat from it. She has also discovered that saltwater baths relieve her and improve her health.

The only thing that applies today and that, so far, works is a Balmonds cream recommended by a friend. Her fight against her skin problems is far from over, but she will have to live with it as best as she can.

Woman’s face smells like ‘rotten skin’ after using this topical treatment Woman’s face smells like ‘rotten skin’ after using this topical treatment