Consumed in excess, this fruit could be harmful for your health

According to a new study, eating too many peanuts could encourage the spread of cancer cells. We explain.

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It's no secret that health is also, and above all, a matter of diet. And since there is a link between what we ingest and the various pathologies, it is better to watch our plate. Especially if you suffer from cancer. According to a recent study published in the journal Carcinogenese, excessive consumption of peanuts could promote the spread of metastases in the body. All the more reason to avoid eating them by the handful.

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250 grams of peanuts is too much

To carry out their research, researchers from the University of Liverpool (UK) analysed the concentration of agglutinin in the blood of cancer patients one hour after eating 250 grams of peanuts. They found that agglutinin, a plant protein derived from peanuts, interacted with cells in the blood vessel wall to produce cytokines. Although they allow immune system cells to communicate with each other, some of these molecules can promote metastatic development in the body. Thus, peanuts should be consumed in moderation by cancer patients.

No impact on mortality

More metastases, yes, but not necessarily more deaths. Professor Lu-Gang Yu, one of the authors of the study, explains:

According to a previous study, peanut consumption has no impact on mortality. Nor on the vital prognosis of men with prostate cancer.

She adds:

It is also possible that lower consumption produces lower concentrations of agglutinin and is harmless.

You just have to know when to stop eating peanuts...

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