This man's enormous facial growth will leave you stunned

Warning: The images in the video are not suitable for the queasy and weak-stomached. The recording has gone viral and you can see Doctor Osama Makkia removing pus and fat from a pimple. It took 20 minutes!

A stomach-churning but satisfying experience

Although for many people it's disgusting, for others it's extremely satisfying to see spots getting popped. And although there have been cases of pimples that have been in the pores of the skin for many years, this patient's spot has gone viral not because of its age but because of its large size.

For the 28-year-old Syrian doctor, Osama Makkia, it's the biggest pimple he's ever seen. When the patient came to his office he could not believe what he was seeing.

He thinks that this immense spot could have been caused by his patient's poor diet or, possibly, bad oral hygiene. The patient says he had the growth for four days before going to the doctor, and it is growing at an incredible speed.

A pimple that would not stop growing

After undergoing the operation, the patient took three days to recover - you'll understand when you see the video. Dr Osama concluded:

This spot was very large and if we had not drained it, it would have continued to grow.

Check out the video above to see for yourself - if you dare!

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