This Man Is Sharing Photographs Of His Pregnancy For A Beautiful Reason

This Man Is Sharing Photographs Of His Pregnancy For A Beautiful Reason

34-year-old Trystan Reese used to be a woman. He has since become a man but decided to he wanted to carry his partner's child. Take a look at the video above to see his inspiring story!

The first time that Trystan told his partner Biff Chaplow that he wanted to have a child naturally, Biff thought the idea was too dangerous for his transgender partner. But after talking to a specialist, the idea quickly became a reality.

Already parents to two adopted children (Biff’s niece and nephew), the idea of conceiving a child together became this little family’s project despite medical and social barriers they would need to overcome.

Therefore, Trystan stopped taking testosterone so that his uterus and ovaries would once again function properly. Very quickly, the young man fell pregnant, but unfortunately, he had a miscarriage. After a second try, a healthy baby started developing in Trystan’s belly!

Trystan wanted to explain his side of the story on social media so they wouldn’t be looked down on or treated any differently by society, so he posted a video explaining that there is nothing shocking about being a ‘pregnant’ father in the 21st century.

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Nine months later, a little baby named Leo was born and is doing perfectly well, just like his two dads.

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