This Is What the Way You Sit Says About Your Personality
This Is What the Way You Sit Says About Your Personality
This Is What the Way You Sit Says About Your Personality
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This is what the way you sit reveals about your personality

By Johanna Garner

You don’t need to speak, your body language says way more about you and will frequently give you up… It’s hard to control basic gestures such as how we sit. But the way in which we unconsciously place our legs on a chair says a lot about our personality and that of people who we thought we knew…

Crossed legs, knees together or spread apart… there are 5 different types of sitting positions that seem to be trivial. However, the position of our legs is the true reflection of our personality. It reveals how we hide or fail to hide, our emotions, the goals we seek to achieve or the way others see us.

Crossed legs

Sitting cross-legged is usually reserved for those who are more dreamy and full of ideas; routine is not for them, and they are always on the road, looking to learn from new experiences.

Knees together and feet apart

You’re a big child, full of projects and imagination, but sometimes clumsy and uncomfortable with making decisions. People who cross their legs have the same childish and dreamy traits, but the difference is that this position shows a desire for change, which leads to the ability to make decisions.

Knees together

In contrast to the positions which show a form of spontaneity in their behaviour, those who keep their knees together are control freaks. Scared to show who you really are, your position makes you look pedantic or extremely confident. But under the mask, you can be a real sweetheart!

To see what the rest of the leg positions say about your personality, check out our video above!

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