This inspirational couple have lost an incredible 22 stone in just one year

Danny and Lexi Reed are a perfect example of perseverance and determination. Following a radical lifestyle change, this couple lost a total of 22 stone in just one year.

Initially, Danny and Lexi weighed 20 stone and 34 stone respectively. This excess weight had disastrous consequences on their health and in January 2016, Lexi decided it was time to change!

An Instagram account

Lexi set out to create an Instagram account to track their lifestyle change. She posted the first picture of her and her husband and explained the difficulties she has experienced so far. She expressed her insecurities and opened up about their relationship with food:

That's what our relationship was like. Most of the time, we would go to a Chinese buffet and eat three-four plates before going home and ordering takeout. My size controlled my life and it also affected my health. I had difficulty breathing and I'm almost sure I'm pre-diabetic. People don't understand how difficult being overweight is. Once, I was refused a ride at a theme park because I was too big to ride on a roller coaster. It was humiliating.

A radical lifestyle change

The couple was motivated to start eating healthierand exercise. Lexi shares her daily life and her results on Instagram. Their efforts quickly paid off and thefirst pounds fell off. Now, even though the couple isn't done fighting the weight, they have already gained a better quality of life and continue to inspire many others.

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#throwbackthursday to same dress, half my size, but a completely different happier, healthier + closer couple. @discoveringdanny proposed to me in this dress and when he asked if I was sure that I wanted to wear it that day I thought maybe he didnt like it, but come to find out he knew that he wanted the memory of him proposing to me in a outfit that I loved! Thankful for him for always thinking of me and that I wore the dress no matter what size I was! Considering tomorrow is our 13th Valentine's Day (even though we celebrate our love every day) I figured I'd share that moment we both fit into one of my old dresses that is full of such a wonderful memory! Always celebrate those you love everyday, but ultimately I hope you always remember those moments that took your breath away! #love #soulmate #holiday #valentinesday #couplegoals #relationshipgoals #marriage #swolemate #fitcouple #relationship #highschoolsweethearts #truelove #bestfriend #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fit #fitfam #fedupfam #fattofit #obesetobeast #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #fatgirlfedup #plussize #lanebryant #gym #effyourbeautystandards #happy

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Take a look at the video above to see the couple's impressive transformation...

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