These Two Sisters Are Stunning The Whole World With their Unusual Condition
These Two Sisters Are Stunning The Whole World With their Unusual Condition
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These Two Sisters Are Stunning The Whole World With their Unusual Condition

These two sisters born 12 years apart are in high demand as models after their appearance triggered a sensational response on Instagram.

Asel and Kamila Kalaganova are causing quite the commotion on the Internet, and are even becoming models in high demand after a very beautiful photoshoot that embraced their differences. Asel,14 and her younger sister, Kamila, 2, have become social media treasures due to their non-conventional looks.

These sisters, against all odds, were both born with albinism. In fact, according to the National Organisation for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, only one in every 18,000 to 20,000 people are born with albinism. It is also very unlikely for two people from the same family to be born with this condition. Their mother, Aiman Sarkitov, opened up:

When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics was not so developed with us. It is developing only now. The doctors were shocked and thought that she was Russian. Then I started reading about this matter, I have learned that my children are albinos.

Asel and Kamila are two of five children of the Kazakh family. At ten, Asel was already modelling and had quite a community on Instagram. But the photoshoot with her sister really put the light on the sisterhood. They now have more than 51,500 followers and their community is getting bigger every day

Teenager, Ansel, seized the opportunity of her sudden fame to open up her albinism and discuss the problems that hide behind this beautiful condition. She told Kids Health:

People with albinism are just like anyone else, with the same lifespan and ability to reach their goals. But living with any medical condition during the teen years can be difficult, and albinism is no exception.
Because the social scene can be more about fitting in than standing out, teens with albinism may face bullying or prejudice. Voicing any frustration or sadness to a family member or friend who understands can help. So can talking to a counselor or therapist to get ideas on coping with the challenges that come up during the teen years.

We think both sisters look stunning. Take a look at their Instagram to learn more about them and their condition.

By Kim Scott

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