Star Hobson Murder Trial: Day 4, Grandma's verdict is out

Day 4 of toddler Star Hobson's murder trial. Grandmother speaks her truth.

Star Hobson, a 16-month-old toddler, was allegedly murdered last year in West Yorkshire. The court trial for murder is in progression.

In a series of gruesome events, which took place last year, Frankie Smith, 20, and Savannah Brockhill, 28, allegedly stomped baby Star to death. Smith was her mother and Brockhill was Smith's partner. Last week, the trial focused on the 999 call made when Star breathed her last 15-minutes.

The day Star passed away, Brockhill’s phone, had 40 gruesome Google searches: 'spleen trauma symptoms,' 'severe spleen trauma symptoms,' 'severe spleen trauma symptoms being sick,' 'head injury symptoms.'

Grandma's side of the story

On day four of the trial, which took place Monday 25 October, the court heard YvonneSpendleyStar’sgrandmother and Frankie Smith's mother.

As Spendley stood in the witness box, she told the court that there was not much tension between Smith and Brockhill. The only thing that was off-putting was Star's sleeping and eating routine, which she deemed too ‘strict.’

But, there were no issues with Star’s food intake, as ‘she ate all her food every time,’ said Spendley.

Grandma added how Brockhill had helped the Smith family on various occasions financially. Brockhill often bought take out, would help with groceries for the house, and lend cash to Frankie and Spendley when in need.

The grandmother also said Brockhill was very fond of Star, and she was also caught weeping profusely when Star passed away.

When asked by lawyers, if Brockhill was ever violent with Star, the Grandma said:

No violence, not shouting but raised voices telling her to lie down and go to bed.

Frankie and Brockhill had a violent relationship

According to the grandmother, Frankie and Brockhill fought a lot. Evidence shows that Brockhill had punched Frankie in the face outside a Bradford pub.

Grandma said that the young mother was having troubles handling a toddler.

She also told the court that, Brockhill would physically abuse Frankie often:

One time she went to hospital, Frankie told me, she had to go because of a blood clot in her back.

When the court asked if she ever asked Frankie about her bruises, the grandmother said:

A few times. Just said they were arguing about certain things, and she did admit that she was scared of her and scared of what she'd do to the rest of our family.

Grandma concluded saying, how she was not able to see her grandchild for months because of Smith and Brockhill.

I was told I wasn't allowed to see her, I can't remember what exactly was said but it just seemed like we'd fallen out. Frankie and I had bickered but we all got stopped from seeing Star.

The trial of Star Hobson's murder continues.

Star Hobson murder trial: Horrific CCTV footage reveals how Star was abused Star Hobson murder trial: Horrific CCTV footage reveals how Star was abused