Newborn baby survives two days in the forest covered in worms and insects

It is considered a miracle that she survived in a temperature of 35C, in an area which is home to dangerous animals, including snakes.

Residents of a small village, in Thailand, were shocked to find a newborn baby girl alive in a forest. The baby was covered in bruises, with worms and insects crawling all over her.

Naked And Bruised

It is believed she may have been in the forest for two days before being found by villagers. According to reports from the village of Krabi, the naked little girl was placed on banana leaves on the ground.

When found, the villagers wiped her down with leaves, and checked for bruises, ensuring that she was not badly hurt. Police and paramedics arrived to find locals tending to the baby.

According to the Daily Mail, police Colonel Prasit Yodthong said:

The newborn girl had worms and insects crawling over her body. We think that the baby had been left outside for at least two days. She was there for a whole night but survived.

She was later taken to the hospital, where she was treated for dehydration and kept under observation.

She is said to be in good health, with no seeming lasting impact from the two nights spent in a forest filled with dangerous animals, where daytime temperatures are typically 35C.

Retracing Footsteps

Police have launched a search for the mother of the baby, although they admitted it would be difficult to retrace her steps.

They are however asking for information from locals and residents of nearby villages and towns to help in locating the baby’s mother for prosecution.

Police Colonel Prasit Yodthong said:

We are currently tracking down the newborn’s mother. She will be prosecuted. The baby could have died and we think that whoever left the girl, knew this.
She gave birth to two babies in one day but only one of them was hers She gave birth to two babies in one day but only one of them was hers