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Instagrammer Bares All To Highlight The Devastating Effects Of Rare Disease

Thessy Kouzakas is a 28-year-old British woman who suffers from endometriosis, a silent condition which affects almost one in ten women! Symptoms include strong pains during menstruation and intercourse as well as bleeding outside of menstruation periods. Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment for this condition and all we can do at the moment is ease the symptoms.

Thessy Kouzakas shared her struggle on social media with a before/after photo of herself, accompanied by the following text.

This is quite shocking to people. This is me. This is endometriosis. I never intended to share these photos hence why I’m naked, but my god I can’t believe the amount of DM’s I’ve received from girls who have endo too and feel alone.

The left is my stomach 3 weeks after a ruptured cyst (5 weeks ago). The right is me now, on a drug called “synarel” that has stopped all my hormones and sent me into menopause at the age of 27. My upcoming trip to Greece along with this drug is in hopes to get me prepped and in the best condition both physically and mentally for an operation I’m receiving in late August.

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Endo is no joke. I’ll be operated on for 7+ hours and hospitalised for a week. Please spread the word about endo. And if you know anyone with bad period pain PLEASE tell them to get checked for this. And to my girls with endo… you’re not alone.”

This condition is still relatively unknown and it is important to break the silence around it and normalise speaking openly about it, for all women’s sake.

By Stacey Williams
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