India floods: Couple sail to their wedding in a cooking pot

Viral footage shows the newly-weds squeezed inside the pot while two men and a photographer paddle them down a flooded street in Kerala.

Talk of making a grand entry! A couple in India sailed through flooded streets in a cooking pot to their wedding ceremony. Heavy rains left the streets of Kerala flooded, making transportation near impossible.

Come Rain or Shine

A now-viral footage shared across social media showed the newly-weds squeezed inside the aluminium vessel while two men and a photographer paddled them down a submerged street. According to local news agency PTI, the couple had borrowed the cooking pot from a local temple as a last resort.

The flooding and landslides, in the southern Indian state, killed at least 27 people, but the pair could not be fazed.

Their determination paid off as they could be seen in the footage arriving safe and dry at a partially flooded temple in Thalavady where they exchanged floral garlands, a tradition in many Hindu wedding ceremonies.

The bride told local news channel Asianet:

It has turned into a wedding which we never imagined.

A man could be heard saying in the background of one video:

Should have booked a boat instead of a car …

According to local media reports, husband and wife Akash and Aishwarya are both healthcare workers at a hospital in Chengannur.

Fatal Landslides

Heavy rainfall, which lasted several days, has caused serious flooding and deadly landslides across the state.

Images coming from the region showed cars and buses submerged by the floodwaters, as several homes were washed away in mud and debris.

Rivers have overflowed and bridges and roads have been swept away - in some cases entire towns and villages have been cut off.

Residents are still counting their losses even as rescue efforts continue unabated. The army, navy and air force assisted with relief and rescue operations.

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