Gorilla Glue girl capitalises on misfortune to launch hair product line

Barely months after going viral for applying Gorilla Glue to her hair, the TikTok star, Tessica Brown unveiled the ‘Forever Hair’ line.

The Gorilla Glue girl is back, and this time, it's with hair products!

40-year-old Tessica Brown, who shot to fame in February this year after applying industrial adhesive to her hair instead of hairspray, has announced the launch of her own hair care line.

How's that for turning 'em lemons into lemonades, huh?

Brown said in a statement that she decided to come up with products which will help grow and maintain hair:

I have been working with professionals and we came up with a hair line, ‘Forever Hair,’ which has been helping me grow my hair back and maintain it.

What is on offer?

On the Forever Hair website, products such as 'Forever Hold' spray and 'Growth Stimulating Oil' are being marketed with the promise of soon adding an edge control product containing black castor oil and aloe vera.

She did a TikTok video demonstrating how the product helps brush hair down the same way the Gorilla Glue’s adhesive did.


If your looking for a spritz that holds like gorilla glue but is also Safe on Your hair look no further forever hold #itdontmove www..tbforeverhair

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Brown’s online store also features merchandise such as the ‘Where Ma Hair’ hoodie and T-Shirt and and ‘Bonded for Life’ sweatpants. These mechs are currently sold out.

Bad, bad, bad Idea

Brown became an internet sensation in February after she posted videos about how an innocent mistake she made of spraying Gorilla Glue on her head instead of hairspray, caused permanent damage to her hair.

It took the intervention of a Beverly Hills plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, to reverse the damage. He offered to perform the $12,500 procedure for free.

The original TikTok video has since been watched more than 50.5 million times with her following on the social media platform growing to 1.4 million. So yes, she is an influencer now who is being represented by a talent management company.

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